MINDBLOWN is a Berlin-based software development company. 

We are passionate builders who enjoy supporting businesses to scale and digitise. Having worked with various start-ups across Europe and Asia we empathise with the pain of developing a product and finding the right technology partners.

Early in 2020, when the world was forced into social distancing and shifted to the work-from-home mode, offshore talent became much more accessible. Amid this new reality, choosing the right software development company is still a challenging tasks.

As one of the top IT outsourcing destinations, Eastern Europe combines the availability of strong tech skills and a well-balanced price quality ratio. We have partnered with Netra, a Macedonian company with 20+ years of experience with a mission to build a bridge between businesses and seamless technology solutions while creating opportunities for top Macedonian talents. 


Mindblown is led by Ivana Istochka and Irina Nikolovska.

Ivana spent the last 6 years working across South-East Asia, supporting tech companies with international expansion and launching innovative digital solutions.

Irina tackled the European tech ecosystem first as a founder and later supporting 

entrepreneurs in their own journeys.


Having experienced the difficulties of finding reliable technology partners they decided to tap into the resources of their home region and build a company that not only provides exceptional services but also promotes inclusion and diversity.  What really fires them up is building new things, being engaged with people who want to unlock their potential and female empowerment.

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